Hottest Hair Color Trends for Summer 2024

Hottest Hair Color Trends for Summer 2024

As summer heats up, so do the latest hair color trends. This season, it's all about embracing rich, multidimensional shades that offer a fresh take on classic hues. Here are three of the hottest hair color trends for Summer 2024: Dimensional Bronde, Old Hollywood Blonde, and Cool-Toned Brunettes. Discover how these stunning colors can transform your look and keep you stylish all summer long.

Dimensional Bronde: Embrace the Sun-Kissed Glow

Dimensional Bronde captures the essence of summer with warm, rich tones and multi-dimensional highlights for a natural, glowing effect. This color mimics natural sun-kissed highlights, making hair look vibrant and healthy. Opt for a balayage technique to blend bronde, caramel, and honey shades seamlessly, enhancing natural movement. Maintain the vibrancy with color-protecting shampoos and regular gloss treatments. Visit Maribou Salons to achieve this sun-kissed look and add warmth to your hair this summer.

Old Hollywood Blonde: Glamour Meets Modern Chic

Old Hollywood Blonde channels timeless Hollywood elegance with a creamy blonde shade that exudes sophistication and glamour. Inspired by iconic actresses, this classic color now features subtle variations and shadow roots for a modern twist. Achieve this look with finely placed highlights and lowlights, and use a cool toner to perfect the blonde shade. Maintain the color with regular toning treatments and heat protectants. Let Maribou Salons help you add a touch of vintage glamour to your summer style.

Cool-Toned Brunettes: Sophisticated and Chic

Cool-Toned Brunettes offer a sophisticated, chic look with deep, rich brown shades and cool undertones for a polished appearance. This low-maintenance color minimizes regrowth visibility and provides a sleek, refined style. Add dimension with ash and mocha highlights, and use sulfate-free shampoos to preserve the cool tones. Regular gloss treatments help maintain shine and prevent brassiness. Explore this elegant trend at Maribou Salons and find the perfect chic shade for you.

Protect Your Investment

Professional products are essential to protect your investment in your new summer color. At Maribou Salons, we offer top brands like Kerastase and Redken, which have options for everyone. At your next appointment, ask your Maribabe stylist which product line is best for you. Some of our favorites for color longevity are Redken’s Acidic Color Gloss line and Kerastase's Chroma Absolu hair care collection. Redken's Acidic Color Gloss extends color and provides salon-like shine, offering long-lasting color vibrancy for up to 32 washes and locking in intense molecular-level shine for up to 76% shinier hair. Kerastase's Chroma Absolu hair care collection is the ultimate color care solution for all types of colored hair, strengthening hair by providing restorative care and nourishment, preventing color fading, featuring anti-frizz properties, and resulting in healthy, shiny hair.

Final Thoughts

This summer, embrace one of these stunning hair color trends to refresh your look and stay stylish. Whether you choose the warm radiance of Dimensional Bronde, the timeless glamour of Old Hollywood Blonde, or the refined elegance of Cool-Toned Brunettes, Maribou Salons is here to help you achieve the perfect summer hair. Book your appointment today and step into summer with a fabulous new color!